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(a) Elective Offices – The offices to be filled by the voters shall be the select board, school committee, board of assessors, board of health, board of library trustees, moderator, planning board, housing authority and such members of regional authorities or districts as may be established by statute, interlocal agreement or otherwise.

(b) Eligibility – Any voter shall be eligible to hold any elective town office, but no person holding any elective town office shall simultaneously hold any other elective town office.

(c) Nomination Procedures – The number of signatures of voters required to place the name of a candidate for any town office on the official ballot for use at any town election shall be not less than fifty.

(d) Election – The regular election of town officers shall be held annually on a date fixed by bylaw.

(e) Compensation – Elected town officers shall receive for their services such compensation as may annually be provided for that purpose by appropriation.

(f) Coordination of Officers – Notwithstanding their election by the voters, the town officers named in this article shall be subject to the call of the select board, at all reasonable times, for consultation, conference and discussion on any matter relating to their respective offices.