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In accordance with Section 9.4, the Board of Appeals, acting as the special permit granting authority, may grant a special permit modifying the requirements of this Section, provided it determines that such modification is consistent with the objectives set forth in Section 5.4.1, in the following cases:

1. Where an applicant can demonstrate, by means of a history of vandalism or other objective means, that an extraordinary need for security exists;

2. Where an applicant can show that conditions hazardous to the public, such as steep embankments or stairs, may exist in traveled ways or areas;

3. Where a minor change is proposed to an existing nonconforming lighting installation, such that it would be unreasonable to require replacement of the entire installation; and

4. Where it can be demonstrated that for reasons of the geometry of a lot, building, or structure, complete shielding of direct light is technically unfeasible.